Porto is a well known city for its kind people, amazing views, great restaurants, fun pubs, clubs, and all of that got the attention of the world (that explains why the city is one of the most visited right now), but did you know that Porto is also a place of culture, where you can full your mind with music, dances, literature, theater, paintings, cinema and so on? 

We love the art of movie theater so much that every summer we get the outdoor cinema around the city – we talked about that here last year. Other than that of course we don’t need to wait until summer to appreciate this art, because we have not only the traditional cinema rooms at the shopping malls, but also the old cinema houses like Casa das Artes, Serralves, Cinema Batalha and Cinema Trindade

We don’t wanna sound self-opinionated, but here we go: those places are for the real ones, those who love movies made with pattion, those kinds that enjoy movies that give us more than entertainment, movies that after the small letters roll up on the screen give us something to think about for the rest of our lives.

Do you see yourself in that? If so, don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of those cinema houses while you’re here. Cinema Batalha and Cinema Trindade have great options every single day to choose from and once in a while they also receive the directors, actors and producers to talk about their movie before it starts, which it’s an experience you never forget.

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