We are in the middle of summer and the vacations continue bringing along various outdoor events taking place in Porto and its surroundings. Today, we introduce “Cinema fora do Sítio” (Cinema Out of place), a free event that has been promoted in the cities of Porto, Vila do Conde and Póvoa de Varzim for a few years now. 

Last Saturday, we went to Quartel Monte Pedral to watch “The Pope’s Exorcist,” a horror genre film released in 2023. The location couldn’t have been better; with its old construction and broken windows, the feeling of terror extended beyond the big screen and we feared an apparition in one of the windows at any moment (don’t worry, nothing happened, we had Father Gabriele with us). However, even though it was a horror film, the shared atmosphere always ends up making everything more enjoyable with our friends’ reactions.

The program continues for all ages throughout the month of August and each film takes place in a different location (Porto on Fridays and Saturdays at 9:30pm). Chairs are available in limited numbers, but you can always bring your own from home and ensure comfort for the session – otherwise, there will always be a little space on the floor.

So, prepare your snack or indulge in the popcorn sold on-site. We recommend bringing a warm blanket as our summer this year has fluctuated between daytime heat and the chilly maritime cold of the night (for those who have already read our article about Primavera Sound, you must know that, as usual, we weren’t prepared for the weather).

See you next time with snacks, blankets and good humor!

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