We already know that Porto is a culturally diverse city where you can have fun at night in pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, fado houses, cinemas, theaters, and much more. Today, we’ll specifically talk to theater enthusiasts because there plenty of plays here every week to have a good cultural time.

This past weekend we went to the Bolhão Theater to watch the show “A Vida…” based on texts by the Brazilian writer Nelson Rodrigues, directed by João Paulo Costa and Miguel Hernandez. The building itself surprises the audience, although it was renovated and opened as a theater in 2015 still retains its 19th-century characteristics. The space is cozy, on the ground floor you’ll find two rooms, one with an authentic cafe-restaurant and a waiting room with sofas and chairs. While we waited, a somewhat melancholic playlist began, setting the mood for the performance. We’ll spare you the details, but it’s worth noting the magnificence with which this theatrical piece was executed, in all terms: direction, lighting, sound and costumes. For those who wish to experience this theatrical journey, “A Vida…” will be running until the 10th of this month.

Furthermore, there are always more options to discover in Porto’s theaters: Teatro Sá da Bandeira, Teatro Nacional de São João, Teatro Carlos Alberto and many more, from newer to older venues. What is certain is that it becomes a kind of an addiction to explore and rediscover places and stories that unfold within the theater’s walls. Theater is about this: we go to watch and often we leave with a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Immerse yourself and discover.

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