We agree that Porto offers many attractions and a weekend visit might not be enough to explore all its wonders, however, if you’re planning an extended stay and you’re thinking of venturing beyond Porto’s borders and discovering more of the country, we are here to help you now. 

Whether you’re a cultural, nature enthusiast or adventurous soul, the connectivity from Porto to other places is endless. Today, we present three options for an unforgettable journey through the rich heritage of this country’s treasures. 

Explore Peneda-Gerês

For nature enthusiasts seeking a breathtaking escape from the city’s buzz, a visit to Peneda-Gerês National Park is a must. Situated just two hours from Porto, this natural wonderland offers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in Portugal’s wild beauty. With over 700 square kilometers of lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and crystal-clear lakes, Peneda-Gerês is a haven for hikers or anyone seeking tranquility. 

There are plenty of well signed trails, from easy to hard ones, each of them with amazing views. The trek to the impressive Tahiti Waterfall, with its emerald waters cascading down moss-covered rocks, is particularly rewarding on a warm summer’s day. 

Don’t be afraid to explore, some lake areas are very easy to find and the peaceful spots can be a good one for a family picnic. But don’t forget that this is a natural park and you must respect and keep an eye out for the park’s diverse wildlife.

Discover Aveiro

A short trip south of Porto will lead you to Aveiro, a coastal town often referred to as the “Venice of Portugal”. This city is famous for its network of canals, charming bridges and brightly colored boats known as moliceiros. In case you are wondering, of course, there are moliceiro boat tours through the canals for a romantic trip (singles are also allowed). 

Aside from its enchanting waterways, Aveiro has some lovely beaches, such as Costa Nova, where charming striped fishermen’s houses create an eye-catching backdrop. After all the smiles to the pictures you will take, relax and enjoy a leisurely stroll along the beach or indulge in freshly caught seafood at one of the waterfront restaurants. 

Being in Aveiro city, don’t miss the opportunity to try Ovos Moles, a typical sweet made of eggs and sugar.

Adventure in Serra da Estrela

For those seeking a high-altitude trip, going to Serra da Estrela (Portugal’s highest mountain range) is a thrilling option. A couple of hours drive from Porto, this stunning region offers hiking opportunities for all skill levels. 

Inviting the most adventurous people, Serra da Estrela is also home to a ski resort, making it a unique destination to visit during cold seasons as well. The ascent to the summit, Torre, presents magnificent panoramic views, especially at sunrise and sunset. Up there there’s also a restaurant and a couple stores with typical food, good wines and the famous Serra da Estrela cheese. You’ll be surprised by what this place can offer during all seasons. 

Although there are train and bus options to get to those locations we recommend renting a car, as this way you can do your own itinerary and relax during your summer time. Want to know more about what to do in Portugal? Follow us now on @yoursporto and don’t miss our tips! 

Embrace the charm of our country and create memories to last a lifetime.