On May 18th it was the International Museum Day, for that we decided to visit the newest Porto/Gaia attractions: WOW – World of Wine. From several restaurants to wine tastings, shops and expositions, this complex has many activities, events, workshops and, of course, museums.

We started our adventure at the Pink Palace – one of the museums available to visit that gives us 5 different settings with 5 different Rose wines taste. For that, they supply to each of us a plastic glass and a pink bracelet with 5 pins that we use to get our rose wines (those can go home with us as a souvenir). Although most of the museums ask to not take pictures, this one is the opposite – so get your camera and choose your best outfit, because here they will provide you with the funniest and instagrammers cenarios.

All begin with a room that shows us on a screen some of the house rules and how we can experience everything. Wasn’t expecting it to be so funny to watch an instruction video. After that we enter the first pink room that seems like a garden surrounded by flowers and then we’re served with the first rose (we’re not going to tell you which wines we taste, let’s keep this as a secret until you go to try it yourself). 

After two explanations and two glasses, we’re presented with a summer vibe and a swimming pool that is full of pink plastic balls. Did we tell you that each room has ambient music that transporte us to the room’s vibe? Well, on this one there’s the sound of sea waves and children’s laughter – and it makes total sense, because that’s how we feel here: like a kid playing on the beach for the first time. 

At first I thought it would be another boring, explanatory museum, but I was wrong.” Says André, who visited the Pink Palace. “We do automatic things in our daily life and forget how fun some activities could be, here we let our inner kid remember the joy of doing fun and simple stuff.”

The experience ends with the last rose taste in a cowboy saloon. Here there’s cowboy hats to wear and a piano available for visitors to play – don’t worry if you don’t know how to, I played a little even though I have no abilities and no one complained (all fine, they’ll respect). “Once the tour is done, we feel like we could do it again and again.”

What shocked us most in the Pink Palace is that not so many people know about this place, although we’re pretty sure this is about to change very soon. All of those well decorated rooms and vibes get us immersed in and take us out of reality, overwhelming us with the colors and sounds. “If most places follow this route, kids and adults would definitely visit more landmarks and easily learn about things and would recommend it.” 

The mix of wine and funny rooms made a perfect blend at the Pink Palace and transformed it into an unique experience in Porto. So, if you ever have a chance to come to our city, be sure to have enough time to visit WOW. 

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