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Ribeira is one of the oldest and most typical places in the city of Porto, Portugal. Located in the parish of São Nicolau, next to the River Douro, it is part of the Historic Center of Porto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Ribeira, the Praça da Ribeira, popularly also known as the square of the cube, deserves special mention; Rua da Fonte Taurina, one of the oldest in the city; the Muro dos Bacalhoeiros and the Casa do Infante, where Infante D. Henrique is believed to have been born in 1394.

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Embrancing the city

We help you uncover the city of Porto. We help you find its beauty. The beauty that can be seen just by looking up, and the one that is only found in those narrow, steep streets, where the locals greet ...


Why fall in love with Porto?

Some may argue whether the best city in Portugal is its own capital or the second best city in thecountry, with that being Porto.We have a strong opinion here, but we would like to give you the opportunity to ...


Do you know the city of Porto?

All cities have their personality which is usually shaped by the people who live there. There aredormitory cities and others that live quietly even during the day. Some that breathe a certaincosmopolitan chaos or those that live in such an ...


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