All cities have their personality which is usually shaped by the people who live there. There are
dormitory cities and others that live quietly even during the day. Some that breathe a certain
cosmopolitan chaos or those that live in such an order that it almost seems to be a lie. And then there
are some cities that are a bit of all of this and then some more. And this is where Porto comes in.

To live in the city of Porto there are two important things to remember: one is that this is a city that is
constantly changing and adapting to the demands of society but that never forgets its essence that is
carved out of tradition, history, perseverance, culture and the rich hospitality of a people who live with
their hearts in their mouths. The other is that you’ll feel at home quickly. So you better have in mind
that you’ll probably never want to leave (or forget) Porto.

Whoever enters this city marvels at what it has to offer. Each street tells a story, each door of a typical
building tells a secret and every window that opens hides an experience.
Here, the parishes, which have different names, are united and live for the same purpose. Still, the
invitation to visit each one of them is made with the certainty of a surprise at every corner, because
even if they are similar, their customs help to differentiate them, making them even more unique.

Porto’s architecture is guided by buildings with tiles on the facades that give the city an unmeasured
charm. All colors are welcome and help to brighten this city of cheerful people. Another of the
characteristics of this city are the Art Deco buildings that can be contemplated in several streets of
Porto. Among them we highlight the Rivoli Theater, The Vitália Pharmacy, Cunha Warehouses or the
Porto Commerce Building, all built in the 30’s of the last century and which give Porto an incredible

The city’s history, rich in bravery and perseverance, is perfectly matched by the strong personality of
the people who make this an unforgettable city and a cradle for those who arrive here.