Some may argue whether the best city in Portugal is its own capital or the second best city in the
country, with that being Porto.
We have a strong opinion here, but we would like to give you the opportunity to choose for yourself.
Not putting to shame any other city than our own, but by simply stating what makes this city unique.

Porto has a personality of its own that was created through a whole ton of history, a pulsating cultural
side, marvellous cooking, intriguing weather, a nightlife that pleases every single person and the
delightful dialogue between the city, the river and the sea.
Even though tourism has impacted our city, you can still find authenticity everywhere. And that’s the
beauty of our people, we stay unapologetically ourselves. Further contributing to the beauty of every
little detail you find in the streets of Porto.

The uphill/downhill dynamic isn’t one that’s difficult to find in many other Portuguese cities, but we
believe that Porto has some of the best sights and small little details that make this sometimes tiring
exercise even more special. Enjoying the iconic view of Virtudes, while sipping on a cold drink is
undoubtedly worth the climb. The same could be said of strolling around Jardins do Palácio de Cristal,
while having a nice encounter with one of the many peacocks you can find there. Enjoying the
downward (!) walk to Ribeira, where the smell of food and the voices of people become one with the
mesmerising wholeness of the D. Luís bridge and the Douro river.

Actually, we find it quite difficult to encapsulate the city of Porto in a single blog post, because even
though it may not be a big city, its heart and life is so big that it surpasses its own physical limits.
Follow us, as we will keep on sharing the things that make us fall in love with Porto, and invite you to
fall in love with it as well.