There are thousands upon thousands of cities in Europe. And they all have something
that distinguishes them and that makes them so magical and attractive that they
receive countless tourists annually and are part of everyone’s “Must Go List”.
And even in the midst of this huge number of options, Porto, our city, managed to be
among the best in the world! Voted by the readers of the prestigious travel magazine
Condé Nast Traveller
KHzrjTAYdxPsnpQY40kAzs-eoFKnX499TXTgSZUMme4Ns), Porto has achived an
incredible 2nd place ahead of other must-see cities such as the romantic and foggy
Bruges in Belgium, Salzburg, Austria or the picturesque Siena in Italy.
For these readers, a city worthy of appearing in this list has to meet a number of
requirements and respond to characteristics such as offering history and culture rich in
detail, present a panoply of sophisticated and sublime hotels, unforgettable places of
interest to absorb the city and, of course, a varied and tasty offer of restaurants for all
tastes and that will never let Port evade from the memory of those who visit it.

It doesn’t matter when or the reason that brings you here, but visiting Porto is to let
yourself fall in love with the city. It’s realizing that no matter how many places you visit,
no matter how much you love your own city, here you’ll find yourself, your inner self,
your truth, hidden in a secret garden or a unique church. Because in this city we live
everyday so intensely, contacting with people with such strong personality, charisma
and who never leave us unanswered.

At Yours Porto, we are lucky and feel so proud to have been born in this city. We know
well what Porto is worth about and the need that a tourist feels to be accompanied by
those who know the city as the palm of their hand.
Whether it’s for a long weekend with your better half, a full week of work, a two-day
getaway or to invest in a relationship for life with the city, at Yours Porto you’ll find the
best solutions, made to your measure and that respond to everything your heart