We know very well that Porto is known for several things and that one of them is its
rich gastronomy.

Opened in 2020, and located right in the heart of the city of Porto, Alibi restaurant was
born to bring to those who seek the true Portuguese gastronomy with a twist full of
flavors and unique ideas.
In each dish lives a story: the one told by the Chef who created it and who, being an
eternal passionate about his art, wants to raise to the maximum exponent all the
characteristics that each ingredient offers, delivering a unique experience.

The incredible decoration perfectly matches with a varied and Mediterranean-based
menu where there is place for dishes such as Octopus in Wood Oven, Tomahawk,
Creamy Beet Rice, delicious Cheese and Cold Meat Boards, Glazed Scallops, Beef
Tartar, among others. This place is ideal for a meal for two or a dinner with friends
where the only thing that matters is the food and the good mood.

After a very complete meal comes the well-deserved rest. Above the restaurant,
inhabits the Guesthouse, which allows you to spend a night or several days in perfect
communion with Porto and Alibi.

Whatever the reason for your visit, know that the number 135 of Rua dos Caldeireiros
is the place where you will know, very closely, the true essence of what it is to be a
Porto citizen and you’ll know it both by the soul and stomach.