We know that Lisbon is the most famous portuguese city for its views and viewpoints,
but we know that Porto can also win that category.
Proof of this are the numerous places you can visit to get the best views of the city, and
consequently the best memories, photos and videos to remember later.
Let’s get to know some of the best spots to enjoy the city.

Those who visit Porto quickly realize that to better absorb the beauty that the city has
to offer needs to contemplate it across the river. It may seem strange that you must
visit another city so you can fall in love with the one that brought you to Portugal, but
believe us, it’s going to be so worth it!
From Gaia’s side, more specifically in Jardim do Morro or Serra do Pilar, you will have a
completely unique view of the riverside area and the entire upper part of Porto. All the
houses, the bright and colorful tiles, the sea of heads of people walking around, the tall
towers of the churches, the stone of the houses and stairs that recall the past, will
make you completely fall in love with this city.

Although you may think it’s not worth it, you can’t avoid but taking a train trip between
Porto São Bento and Porto Campanhã. Yes, it sounds strange, but trust us…
On the way (which does not last more than 5 minutes), you will pass through tunnels
full of mystery and history, you can enjoy and fall in love for the views you will have of
the Douro River, enjoy the already disabled, but imposing, Ponte D. Maria and still get
to know another part of the city that, maybe, you would not explore so much.

One of the places not to be missed if you’re looking for superb views is the Clérigos
Tower: not only for its magnificence, but for its history, and of course, privileged views
of another part of the city. Climbing to the top can be tiring, but we promise you’ll
thank your legs for the effort they’ve made as soon as you reach the summit. From
there you can see the Historic Center, the tall and majestic towers of the churches, the
Douro River and realize how beautiful this city is.

If you are interested in History and love the picturesque side of the cities, then be sure
to stroll through the Fernandina Wall, very close to Batalha/Sé do Porto. Not only will

you be able to enter one of the most traditional parts of Porto (and feel you’re invited
to go inside other people’s housea), but knowing that with each step you take, you are
increasingly approaching one of the most incredible views of the D. Luís I Bridge
As you go down the great staircase of the Fernandina Wall you will pass by the Church
of Santa Clara and the Guindais until you come across of one of the most majestic
projects of engineering: the Bridge D. Luís I.

Last but not least, and because we love to give you these small (but great) advice: be
sure to pay a visit to the Parking Lot of the Via Catarina Shopping Center, on Rua de
Santa Catarina. We know you’re making a funny face while reading this, but believe us
because it’s going to be worth it… From a certain floor, you will be able to contemplate
a tangle of roofs, terraces and balconies of the houses that make up the heart of Porto
and feel that one day, who knows, one of them will have your name.