Everybody talks about Jardim do Morro, which is indeed one of the best spots to watch the city of Porto. But have you ever heard about Virtudes Gardens? Just five minutes away from the Clérigos Tower, this place has a different view from the city and Douro river. 

What distinguishes Virtudes from the others viewpoints in Porto is that it has a couple of bars and restaurants to entertain yourself throughout the day or night. You can either sit down on an outside table from the bars or just do a picnic sitting on the garden grass with your friends and family. 

As we talked about restaurants, here it goes two recommendations around the area: At Café El Reys there is a special hot dog and special burger which goes with francesinha sauce that we definitely recommend while drinking our local beers. At Taberna de Santo António you can have a portuguese gastronomic experience, this restaurant is known as one of the greatest to eat local and typical food. Extra tip: at the end, don’t miss the opportunity to try the best chocolate cake of your life. 

In Jardim das Virtudes there is always music (from the bars but also from local artists who play surrounded by their friends). During summer some concerts and events can also happen in the area, so if you like to know all of this in advance follow us now on instagram @yoursporto to catch up with Porto events.

Take care and see you next time! 🙂