Francesinha is a typical Porto dish that after the first bite makes all the visitors wish to save the flavor in their mouth forever. According to what locals say, this appetizing food was inspired by the Croque Monsieur, a French dish. The name and origin of its creator is unknown to this day, it is only known that he was Portuguese and had a brilliant idea.

But what is a Francesinha after all? It is nothing more and nothing less than two thick slices of bread, lightly toasted, which are joined by a beef steak, ham, sausage and a covering of cheese slices. The sauce that has port wine and blond beer is placed very hot at the end to finish off the dish. 

This sauce is considered by many a delicacy of the gods and a must for anyone visiting Porto. If this is your case, keep your stomach prepared for one thousand calories that will give you all the energy to walk around the city afterwards. And, don’t worry, you can go back to your diet after this trip – there will be no regrets. 

Now that you know how it is made and if your mouth is already watering, all that’s left is to select the best place to taste it. Francesinha can be found in many different restaurants in the city and so it becomes more difficult to choose. To help you with that, we selected a route to discover your favorite one. 

We leave you with a tip: the secret is in the sauce.

  • Pontual

Pontual can be your first option. It’s a good spot for those who are traveling on a budget but don’t want to miss the experience to try this delicious food.

  • Café Santiago

Located in front of the Coliseu do Porto, this is one of the favorite places to eat the famous Francesinha. We start by eating it with our eyes, as it comes very well presented, with fried potatoes and a fried egg on top to give a special touch to the dish.

  • Fase Buffet

This is one of the oldest and most special places to eat Francesinha. This dish is the exclusivity of the restaurant and therefore there is already an assembly line, where very hot Francesinhas are always coming out. It has few tables, so hurry up to find yours.

  • Cufra

If you like to eat at the counter, this could be your place of choice. To find out, you’ll have to try it.

  • Brasão Aliados

You’re gonna feel every single bite in your mouth and probably will plan to come back the next day before your way to the airport. Also, if you are a dessert fan, we definitely recommend you to try the lemon meringue pie, which finishes this list in a pleasant scenario. Don’t wait any second more, go book your table now!

After following this itinerary you will become an expert in Francesinhas and then you will be able to find many other places to taste it and finally choose your favorite.

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