Luhmi is the Yours Porto’s investments agency that you’ll need to feel at home when in Porto.

Choosing Porto as a city to live in is knowing that happiness lives here, and that people’s hospitality and warm hearts will help you feel comfortable and at home.

At Luhmi we work for Smart Investments where we put as a priority three pillars that we consider so important to create good business: the interest of the city, investors and sellers.

Another differentiating feature of Luhmi is the fact that we truly see the value that Porto has and we only move forward in business when we understand that it can be a truly sustained business, which is not just based on real estate speculation. This small detail may seem strange at first, but in fact, it is so needed and the only way to ensure that we are faithful to the genuineness and originality of our city.

We recently launched our website where you can not only get to know us better but also, but also understand who we really are, our mindset and what we want for you always having the interests of our city side by side with yours.

Welcome to Luhmi.